Where do i begin ?


About 2 weeks ago , I suddenly had this inspiration to start a blog. I’ve recently been on this path to self discovery and felt this urge to write. I wondered if I’d be any good , whether I’d actually be able to express myself ? Whether I’d be eloquent enough ?

Then the impossible task of naming the blog and then finally getting myself to write.

I tortured myself for 2 weeks thinking of things to write about. Should it be happy or sad ? What should it be about ? I had soo many different ideas and i was in a complete soup. My thoughts wandered and meandered here and there.

Where do i begin ? How do i start ?

Travel ? food ? photography ? Or just , me ?

The sun rose and set everyday and i was still the same , confused and wondering.

Should i write about the new rays of sunshine and how they light up a dark and dingy corner , or how it sets , making a statement , painting the skies with streaks of bright, bold, vibrant and beautiful. Or about how the rain finally arrives after months of eager and urgent waiting and turns everything around luscious and green.

Should i pen down my thoughts, my feelings ? My need to travel and wander , to see the world in all its glorious magnificence ? Or my happy place in the kitchen, whipping up different foods and feeding them to people and taking good pictures of it.

My life as a medical student ?

It is an expression of me and all that i am . My clumbsiness , my silliness , my hobbies , my dreams and aspirations.

Its just , my story.

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