Lost and found 

It was like a veil lifted off of me , I could suddenly see the world , the way it actually is and not how it is in my head.

There are certain situations and things in life that  change the way you are. It takes over and changes the way you think or see the world. It changes the very fabric of your nature. It makes you forget your rudimentary and fundamental things. It completely changes you as a person, slowly but steadily, without your even realising it.

And when you finally wake up and open your eyes, you can’t  recognise the person that you are anymore.

Its like looking into a mirror and seeing a complete stranger. Well sure, that person has the same face, but the person inside that doppleganger is completely different. There is barely any resemblance to the person that you were.

You wonder what happened. How did you change sooo much ? How did you forget your basic fundamentals ? How did you loose yourself sooo much ?

Its like waking up after a long long sleep, no different from those fairytales you heard as a child.                                                 But those fairytales, never told you that its a rude shock when you do wake up and you are alone, sure you’ll have people that support you but you have to pick yourself up, you have to stand up and fight , there’s no one coming to save you. Its just you.

Its just you and all your faith and strength against all the odds you are facing. You are your own knight. You are your own warrior.

And fight you must, against everything that is pulling you down, everything that is holding you back, everything that is holding on to you and not letting you fly. You were not meant to be tied down or caged up.

You were born free , ready to rise like a phoenix , to roar like a tiger , to soar , to fly, and nothing on this earth should be given the power to stop that.

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    1. Lemon zest says:

      Hahahaha yess you did 😂😄😘

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  1. Powerful post! Certainly have felt that feeling of being alone, yet totally in synch with everything else as there is the universe inside we must maintain. By winning the battles within, we face less battles outside.


    1. Lemon zest says:

      Yes soo true !! We have to conquer our inner battles everyday .

      Liked by 1 person

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