Where to next ? 

And i quote ” Travel far enough , you find yourself”

Travelling sets you free , it turns you into a story teller, an adventurer, a wanderer.

Travel to me is one of the best ways of spending the very limited time we have been gifted with on this earth.

Going to places and wandering streets unknown. Seeing new cultures and traditions. Tasting local food and loosing oneself in the place or rather, finding oneself. 

To wander, to see the new , to discover the unknown .

To my luck , we’ve always been the kind of family who books up flights and hotels as soon as we get school or college holiday dates. We’re the kind of family that calls up the college “anonymously” to ask for vacation dates shamelessly a good 6 months away. I haven’t spent one vacation whiling away my time at home. We always go somewhere far away or nearby but always someplace different and new.

The memories it creates ! Whether its feeding reindeers up in the mountains and then coming down to a tiny little cafe come nursary and getting lost in the woods in Aviemore, shopping and eating away in London , sitting by the lake and eating gingerbread cookies in the lake district.

 The beautiful art and sceneries and sunsets in Bali that are truly soul stirring. 


The hills that are alive in Austria. The land of the Sound of Music, Sacher torte and Mozart! 

 The petit little bakeries , macaron shops cobbled streets and artist districts in Paris where one can get a local artist to make you a painting. Warm toasty baguettes ! The Eiffel Tower and Louvre at night!


Listening to music in the subway of a european town or on the streets as the musicians play away into the evening.

A day in Kukenhoff the tulip garden in Holland finished with some large fries and a boat trip around the canals of Amsterdam.

Catching a (or many) broadway musicals and walking around Times Square in New York at night with those large neon lights.

Fullfilling my childhood dreams at Walt Disney World  

Walking around the cobbled streets of the chocolate town of Bruges and buying chocolate and lace.

Shopping and zoos in Singapore, the orchid garden !  Walking around Chinese New Year fairs.


Feeling the sea waves and sand at my feet ,

 the change of seasons , the feel of tiny little raindrops on my face, freezing snow and sun all in one day. Travelling gives it all ! Wildlife , music , food , culture , tradition, architecture, hospitality. 

Close your eyes , and your memories transport you right back to any of those happy times. 

And as I sit sipping on my coffee, i can’t help but wonder , where to next ? 

4 Comments Add yours

  1. flyingeek06 says:

    I love this 😀 It gives me so much longing to travel more!!


    1. Lemon zest says:

      Thankyouu !!
      I know i just long to travel, to wander around new places !!


  2. Kimaya says:

    I completely relate to this . I love travelling to new places. It gives an opportunity to explore new culture, new places, new cuisine. It’s like going into another world. Great job !


    1. Lemon zest says:

      Thankyou !! Yess travelling whenever i can keeps me alive !!


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