Of Laughter , Galettes and Pitter Patters

So one of my closest friends was holidaying in Spain and just returned last weekend so we decided to catch up.

We went to this place called the Kitchen Garden had a delicious sourdough sandwich and a rustic salad.

We decided to bake , since the two of us love to and my friend being the baker par excellence that she is had the idea of playing around with stone fruit (think blush pink peaches , dark mysteriously red plums and little scarlet cherries) that are so in season right now. We looked up a recipe of the galettes and went to the supermarket, the local grocery , haggled with street vendors and bought all our supplies.

We started with the short crust pastry , rubbing the butter and the flour to get breadcrumb like texture and perfectly cold and soft, coming together with ice cold water.

Chopped up the stonefruit, sliced some dusted them with castar sugar and cinnamon while the pastry rested in the fridge. Then Shaped up( although not perfect ) the galettes and put them in the oven. 

Ooooh glorious red colour of the stewed fruit, that perfectly flaky , buttery and crispy short crust pastry , that just crumbles in your mouth .Caramalised sugary goodness with that hint of tartness from the fruit. Aaah heaven indeed!! 

We just had to get pictures. 

And what ensued was us , carrying our humongous tray of galettes , some wooden trays , a sieve , icing sugar , some gorgeous red cherries and my camera to the garden downstairs as the watchman watched us as if we were slighty possessed or completely bonkers

Armed with out ammunition and giggling away, we went down to find a green grassy patch to capture these galettes in all their glory ! 

Just as we came down it started to drizzle and get cloudy ,desperate for pictures as we were , we rapidly clicked away trying to protect our little galettes from the tiny little pitter patter that started .We managed to get some good pictures and salvage our galettes. Victory indeed !!

Back upstairs, we gorged on them , i just couldn’t get enough of that flaky fruity cinnamony juicy tart deliciousness !! Each bite had me wanting for more and more. Life doesn’t get much better than this!

We braved the rains yet again and went out for some spicy fritters and ran for shelter yet again !! 

What a beautiful day , what with the light pitter patter , the cool air , the cloudy sky , the aromas of the galettes baking away in the kitchen and the perfect company.

Happiness is truly found in spending time with people that you can gel with , people you can be completely insane with and people you can bake with!! 

All in all a very happy and satisfying day, i’d say đŸ˜„

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  1. Dr. Chandini says:

    I tasted those galletes and they were truly perfect. Crisp but melting in the mouth, and the fruit. Yum and how.
    But my greatest pride was in how you both managed baking and clearing it all yourselves. It’s great to see you both growing up into such gorgeous ladies!!!!

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  2. Kae Bucher says:

    What a beautiful writer you are… love your blog… following:)


    1. Lemon zest says:

      Oh my you are too kind:)
      thankyou so much !

      Liked by 2 people

  3. Omg these look so delicious!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Tori says:

    It’s great to read something that’s both enjoyable and provides prsgiatmadc solutions.

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