My Mission Statement 


 A Mission Statement is a statement that describes one’s core values. It describes what one wants to achieve , the person one strives to be. It helps people to find a reason to exist, it helps to find a meaning, a focus.

It inspires you to be more than you are.

When we were children , we had these dreams , these aspirations , these goals ,we wanted to be something. But somehow , many of us loose ourselves and forget who we wanted to be.

It is very easy to get stuck in the rig marole of everyday life and loose focus.

Mission statements help us find that focus.

So, a few months ago , I had done the Seven Habits Signature program , based on the book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People written by Stephen Covey. This program helped me get some perspective on life and since then I’ve been wanting to draft my own personal mission statement. 

Finally today, I braved the pouring rains , the flooded streets and went to the club I am a member of , so that I could find some peace and quiet.

I sat on a table overlooking the ocean, as the choppy waves danced around and the trees swung around. With the breeze in my hair and the inspiration to be someone more than I am , I drafted this – 
The Person I Envision myself to be, is an Instrument of the Lord, 

One who never compromises on Integrity and Honesty.

A Trust worthy, Loyal and Sincere Human Being.

A being who exudes Love and Care to all my family and friends . Appreciating and Encouraging them along the way.

A Rock Solid support for all my loved ones.

Understanding and Politeness, Empathy and Kindness in my speech and actions.

A Physically, Mentally and Emotionally Strong person, Unshaken by any force which tries to pull me down , having Faith that the Lord will see me through.

A perfectionist.

An Athelete (Crossfitter) par excellence, giving it my 100 percent everyday.

An honest and focused Doctor.

Financial Independence, a worklife balance.

A Creative and Artistic Baker , Photographer and Artist.

A writer, filling the pages with strong prolific writings.

A Traveller, a Wanderer , an Adventurer , a Soul searcher.

An Inspiration. 

Shoutout to an amazing blog unicorn just hit rock bottom , she was one of my inspirations to start writing  !!

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  1. This is beautiful! So proud of how far you have come. And thank you for calling me one of your inspiration, It gives me immense happiness in knowing that I helped. Much love. PJ ❤

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    1. Lemon zest says:

      Awwww of course you helped sooo much !! You really inspired me to start this blog ! And it has given me a purpose ❤ lots of love to you too

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Vinnie says:

        Why does this have to be the ONLY relabile source? Oh well, gj!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Lemon zest says:

        Not the only reliable source , just someone who helped me and deserved a shoutout


  2. Those are some great core values!! Keep writing!

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      1. Your welcome, it reminds me of a post I made when I first started this blog, I might redo my core values without looking to see how my list has changed in the last 6 months 🙂 Thanks for sharing and inspiring!

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      2. Lemon zest says:

        You are welcome !
        Yes it would be interesting to see how much the core values have changed over the 6 mimonths

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      3. Omg I went back and read my first post. I can’t believe I wrote that, its too revealing lol. The values are actually fairly similar although some have switched names and order haha

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      4. Lemon zest says:

        Hahaha sometimes a good honest post is really good though ! It comes from within so it is really intresting.

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  3. Such a list!! It’s really an amazing set of goals to shape a life. Loved finding your blog. God bless in your writing here ahead…

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    1. Lemon zest says:

      Thankyou soo much ! Im a newbie at writing but it seems to be developing well .


      1. Oh gosh– you write beautifully!

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Lemon zest says:

        Hahaha thanks a lot !!!

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  4. Kae Bucher says:

    Love this :)… Yes!

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Lemon zest says:

    Thankyou !! 😄😄


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