An old Colonial Goan Bunglow , a hammock in the garden in front, a little table in the grass. There was a pebbled pathway leading to the house, kissing the grass on either side. 

The house was skirted with a red goan styled courtyard. An old armchair sat in the centre. 

Walking in through the white sheers, an inviting sofa with cushions and a lovely cane and wood coffee table. Lilliums freshly placed in a vase, welcomed us and made us feel special , cherished and venerated. 

The room had wooden and cane blinds, a large, soft and cozy bed and another door that led to the courtyard. 

Sosegad indeed !! 

The coconut trees above, swayed and danced with the wind, their golden coconuts all ripe, ready to be cut into. The birds chirped in their various calls filled the air with a sense of joy and jubilee.

The squirrels were running around and gorging on nuts. 

The pool below looked soo inviting, with its dark blue pristine waters, a dash of eu de nil and a hint of aquamarine. 

In the distance, behind the curtain of coconut trees was the ocean, infinite and  in all its glory.


The Mighty Ocean roared as its large towering, monarchial waves danced in various forms , showing off their might and aristocracy.

The lofty waves , rose high and opulant , and rolled onto the shore. 

Some waves small and subdued, flowed onto the sand and kissed the sandy beach, all frothy and bubbly. The bubbles, a reminder of the force and fury of the ocean. The fury that was now settled and appeased. It had become calm and tranquillised. It now flowed blissfully and in peace. 

The waves came and played with the shells  on the shore, washing away the sand that they were coated with, leaving them clean and shining, showing off their myriad hues. 
The feel of the sand on my feet, as i walked along the coast, it felt cool, sandy and gritty. Soothing and soporific. I felt calm and connected. 

The tiny pitter patter filled the air. Fine drops of water, almost like dew drops , tickling my cheeks and softly stroking the leaves, as they leave them verdant and glistening. 

And as the day ebbed away, i was left feeling balmy and tranquil. The air had the frangrance of freshly watered grass and the scent of the wet mud. Fresh raw and natural. 

Lights flickering in the distance, candles scintillating. The stars twinkled as the skies were painted dark and into the night. 

What is this life , if not filled with the essence of enthusiasm? If not impulsive and sparkling ?If not a journey that is dynamic ,ebullient and inspired ? 

What is it , if it doesn’t leave you exhilarated, fiery and fervant ? Sprightly and vibrant ? 

What is it, if it doesn’t leave you mesmerised , if it doesn’t take your breath away? 

What is it, if not a pilgrimage in search of ones fire ? In search of ones spirit?

What is it, if not a voyage to find your soul ?

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  1. Damn! You make us, mere mortals ( who have to attend college without any holidays) so jealous! Lovely write up!


    1. Lemon zest says:

      Awwwww !!!! Take a break if you get the chance soon. im telling you its soo refreshing !
      And thankyouuu !!😘😘😘 ❤❤❤❤


  2. brencation says:

    Wow! I love your blog! ❤


  3. that place is beautiful and the way you have expressed the details will invoke travel bug in many……


  4. Your descriptions are especially appealing to me as a poet! This felt more like a long poem instead of a short narrative of your journey and thoughts while here.


    1. Lemon zest says:

      Thankyou sooo much!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Your welcome 🙂


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