The Longest Mile

On the starting line I stand, my heart pounding against my ribcage. Alive, the heart beating, pulse rising. 

My nervous fingers shiver as i tighten my laces. Nervousness taking over, my entire body quivers. The mind flooded, with a 100 memories, memories of hope, of sacrifice, memories of what it took to reach this point. Overwhelmed my mind, drowning, my body shaking even more. 

Stop. Focus. 

The lane ahead, right ahead, looks clear, freshly laid out for this last long run. The mountains looming in front, the path continues on the mountain in the distance ahead. The sun, rises on the horison. 

This is the longest run of my life. The biggest race. Stop. Breathe. 

And off we go with the sound of the gunshot. Run, run for your life. With fire at your feet. Legs, muscular, sinewy and powering on. Thunder, you are thunder.  

The road on an incline now, panting I run. Breathing on counts of 4, breathing on counts of 2.

Distracted by the sound of the galloping I look around. I see many more running, many more of me. My doppelgangers all powering ahead like I, and I wonder how could this be? 

I hit a stone ahead and fall, a searing pain shoots through my leg, blinding and brutal. Eyes clouding, i fall. My muscles crying for mercy. A cry out loud. A cry of pain, a cry of despiration.

Get up! Get a move on! I hear my doppelgangers say.

I then realise that this isn’t a race with others, this is a race with myself. And i need to win, because i need to be better than I was yesterday. 

Rise. I rise with all the energy I can summon. Eyes straight on the goal. Right ahead.

 A determined, staunch and stormy look in the eyes I run. With the wind at my feet I run. For everything that held me back. For everyone who said I can’t. 

With wings in my feet I run. I Run, like I’ve never run before. 

Because this is the last mile.

Because this path was never for the faint hearted.  But this is the path I chose , and this path was the one that took a man from being ordinary, and made him great.

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  1. Good read. I was right there with you. Panting of course.


    1. Lemon zest says:

      Hahahaha thankyou πŸ˜‚πŸ˜„


  2. Great read, thanks for sharing 😊.


    1. Lemon zest says:

      Thankyou πŸ˜„


  3. Great read and beautiful pictures!


    1. Lemon zest says:



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